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Elysian = Professional, Dynamic, Creative, Current, Personal and Relevant

About Elysian

First established in 2004 by Chris Atkinson, Elysian has gone from strength to strength. Although we are best known as a business consultancy and training provider, the business also offers a range of executive coaching and personal effectiveness development services for clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

We view ourselves as partners for your business objectives and take pride in making your business our focus. Working seamlessly with your senior leaders, learning development departments and human resources teams our aim is to compliment and enhance your resources in order to create measurable results that have a focused application back in your specific business arena.

Whether the defined solution is a training programme (bespoke to your business and staffing needs), talent consultancy, a team-building day (in a class room or out in the wilds) or large scale cultural development programme, we are committed to working with you to add value and achieve business results.

Their dynamic style fosters innovation and working with them really feels like a partnership”

The reality is that the training industry is a crowded marketplace with no shortage of choice; our belief is that to stand out and have impact requires three things.

Firstly, to deliver training that is ‘live’ in the training room and applicable back in participant’s professional lives. This includes tools and processes that motivate people to behave differently.

Secondly, to use charismatic, engaging trainers. This means individuals who don’t put on a show for the delegates but instead are authentic and genuine in their enthusiasm and passion for the material and your business.

Finally, a simple, transparent pricing policy.

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If you are intrigued by what we have to offer and want to find out how we can work with you to enhance your business and staff productivity we’d love to talk to you. No obligation to purchase, we like talking to people and sharing experiences.

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