What our clients have to say...

“It has been refreshing for a training provider to actually take the time to understand the business challenges and most importantly the culture of the organisation. In my experience training organisations are generally more focused upon how they can assist DAS before taking the time to understand what challenges we actually have. This approach has made Elysian stand out from the various training companies that have contacted me unsuccessfully over the last couple of years.”

“Elysian, to my mind are a company with a difference. They really do listen to what we say, understand the culture and challenges that we face and they get involved in working with us (not for us).  The training experiences they deliver (it’s much more than just a course) are innovative, challenging but relevant and have received the best feedback ever amongst our staff”

“Elysian have made it their business to understand our business. Their approach has been invaluable when developing learning solutions that have to take into account a complex set of needs and is reflected in the positive feedback received from participants. Their dynamic style fosters innovation and working with them really feels like a partnership.”

 “All participants have commented in such a positive way in that they learnt a great deal from the sessions and have already made a step change in their own process of moving forward. A momentum has now begun which will be challenging but what a great challenge to have.”

“A very interesting and enlightening course delivered with passion. It made me aware that you do not have to be in a manager’s position to be a leader.”

“I just wanted to say a personal “thank you” for the training you delivered to us. Over the 5 years i have been in the company in various capacities from Regional Trainer, Senior Management and now Quality Improvement Trainer, i have been subjected to a number of different trainers and courses. Most of these we’ve found that we have been “clock watching” waiting for them to finish. If i’m completely honest with you, this led to a number of us walking into the first day of Corporate Energy Training with our defences up. However, within the first few minutes i knew the course would be worth it’s weight in gold and i really came out with an new lease of life. Having talked to ALL the other members they all agree. So again, a massive thank you as you’ve really given me/us some amazing tools and i’ve been really treating my work book as a bible!”

“Many thanks for your presentations and guidance. Stimulating ideas engagingly delivered, as always, excellent stuff. You are making a substantial contribution to moving the school on, thank you.”

“Thank you for the fantastic job you did in facilitating our workshop on mentoring. The feedback has been excellent so far and many of the attendees have approached me to confirm how enthusiastic they feel about fulfilling the mentor role for our emerging talent.”