Fly on the wall – A more strategic approach to HR

Inside the October HR Strategic Positioning Event October saw our 6th Elysian Executive HR Strategic Positioning Event being held in Bristol with HR and OD leaders from financial industries, public services, national rail, retail, global manufacturing and charitable trusts all signing up for a seat at the table. If you have missed out on the chance to join one of these exclusive sessions or you’re wondering what all the excitement is about then wonder no more, as this ‘fly on the wall insight’ offers a glimpse at the key discussions, signposts thinking and shares light bulb moments from the latest event. Expertly guided by Elysian’s Paul Tuck, delegates considered themselves against the role description of a Strategic HR Business Partner. Through the discussions all delegates reached the conclusion that, in order to ...


Engagement Under The Spotlight

HR professionals spent a few hours immersed in an insightful discussion on engagement strategies, hosted by Elysian and facilitated by top engagement expert Chris Atkinson. There was much common ground to be found amongst the HR professionals as discussions explored the impact on employee engagement caused by merger and corporate acquisitions. They felt a key challenge centred around  maintaining a consistent corporate identity and value set in the face of all of the change.     In addition to the feel good aspects, there is also a significant commercial benefit in engagement and Chris led an active discussion that explored stats and findings from the largest global research studies into employee engagement. Perks and benefits are not key levers. They are likely to lead to dissatisfaction especially if they have to be removed due to budget decreases ...


Focus on Your Strategic Voice

This July saw the first of Elysian's free HR Strategic Positioning events launch at The Cheltenham Chase Hotel with HR & OD professionals from Education, Public Sector, Manufacturing and Retail coming together to share experiences and explore new and powerful ways to ensure their departmental voice features clearly in their Business’s strategic conversations. We’ve increasingly heard from our clients that they are often competing with commercial priorities to get HR onto the agenda with the senior team. For many, it seems there is often a more important or urgent issue to address and the people agenda is getting pushed down the list. With such an important agenda we found right from the start of the day that participants quickly started tackling topics including HR strategy, corporate performance, growth and expansion, management development and succession planning. ...


Learning to Communicate Like a Leader

In this article for Mind Tools, Editor, Sarah Pavey discusses her key take away learning points from Leadership Connections. Photo Credit: Matt Fenlon On one of the last sunny days in October, in the shadow of Brunel’s ss Great Britain, speakers, delegates and Elysian Training team members gathered to take part in the “Leadership Connections” event. I consider myself lucky to have been part of this, as I don’t tend to think of myself as a “leader.” Sure, I manage freelancers and team members, but I don’t presume that I'm someone people want to follow… yet. Over the course of the day, there was one theme that stood out for me: the importance of communication in leadership. Here’s why... Read the full article here >>  


The Power of a Great Leadership Event

This guest post by Irene Becker shares her reflections, features and benefits on the Leadership Connections Event - October 2014. Reflections The audience at Leadership Connections was most committed, enthusiastic leadership audience I have ever addressed. My experience attending and giving a keynote at Leadership Connections UK will remain a career highlight because the commitment to leadership excellence and the participation of the Elysian Training team who planned the event and those attending were memorable. Yes, in a country where reserve and decorum are often seen as part of the cultural fabric, the whole room of leadership delegates were so enthusiastic, so participative that after three hours of conference attendance that they took me aback when doing an exercise I call the Leadership ROAR.


Voyage in Search of a New Empire

Reflections on Leadership Connections - Bristol, October 3, 2014 “Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.”  Publilius Syrus                           Isambard Kingdom Brunel was recently named as the second greatest Briton in a BBC poll. What developed into his mission in life, to develop mechanisms to carry people via mass transit across the globe, started as a teenager when he worked on the Thames Tunnel with his father. He died at the age of 53, leaving behind an astonishing portfolio for such a short timespan. Despite being burnt, broken and buried under his various constructions, nothing stopped Brunel. He built under rivers and through hills, creating the longest tunnels, the biggest bridges and the speediest ships the world had ever seen. So it seemed ...