Common myths about performance reviews debunked

Performance appraisals are one of the most ubiquitous, and also one of the most unpopular, protocols in workplace. In fact, several companies have recently made headlines in their attempts to go about them differently. But amid these changes, how many organizations have ever taken a close look at how performance reviews actually operate in their own workplace, over the long term? My colleague Martin Conyon and I recently had the opportunity to take a deep dive to do just this, analyzing the performance appraisal data from a large U.S. corporation between 2001 and 2007. We looked at all of the scores and associated employment outcomes over these years, and what we found punctures many of the myths about performance reviews that have developed over time. Myth 1: Assessment scores don’t vary much — most ...


One-to-one meetings with direct reports often feel more hurried and disorganised than they need to be. It’s important to check in regularly with each of your employees, but how can you make the best use of the time? How can you make the meetings more productive and collaborative? What do you need to change as the manager and what do you need to ask your direct report to do differently as well? What the Experts Say In the digital age, we tend to communicate with direct reports via email, IM, phone, and text. But nothing quite beats a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting, says Elizabeth Grace Saunders, the author of How to Invest Your Time Like Money, and the founder of Real Life E Time Coaching & Training. “One-on-ones are one of the most important productivity ...


When and How to Stop Doing Low Value Work

This helpful HBR article on how to give up low value work reminded me of the TED talk by Seema Bansal: How to fix a broken education system ... without any more money. Seema Bansal forged a path to public education reform for 15,000 schools in India, by setting an ambitious goal: by 2020, 80 percent of children should have grade-level knowledge. She's looking to meet this goal by seeking reforms that will work in every school without additional resources. When Bansal investigated what was going on in these under performing schools, she found a key issue was that teachers were doing low value work. Here is a guide to help YOU give up low value work: In the past, time management experts would recommend that you divide up your work into A tasks, B tasks, and C tasks. The concept was to do the A tasks ...


Recent Video Shows Bank Employees Being Spanked for ‘Poor Performance’ on a Training Course Bank employees deemed to have performed poorly in their jobs have been filmed being spanked and having their heads shaved. The footage shows eight employees of Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank, in China’s northern Shanxi province, being smacked on the backside with what appears to be a thick wooden slab. Motivational trainer Jiang Yang wrote on his blog: “Spanking was a training model I have been exploring for many years.” Footage of the ‘punishment’ has been circulating on social media (Guardian website). The bank hired Jiang to run a “performance breakthrough” course for its staff of more than 200. After a day of training Jiang demanded explanations from the eight employees with the weakest scores. One replied, “I'm not hard on myself.” Another shouted, “I didn't make ...