Recent Video Shows Bank Employees Being Spanked for ‘Poor Performance’ on a Training Course Bank employees deemed to have performed poorly in their jobs have been filmed being spanked and having their heads shaved. The footage shows eight employees of Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank, in China’s northern Shanxi province, being smacked on the backside with what appears to be a thick wooden slab. Motivational trainer Jiang Yang wrote on his blog: “Spanking was a training model I have been exploring for many years.” Footage of the ‘punishment’ has been circulating on social media (Guardian website). The bank hired Jiang to run a “performance breakthrough” course for its staff of more than 200. After a day of training Jiang demanded explanations from the eight employees with the weakest scores. One replied, “I'm not hard on myself.” Another shouted, “I didn't make ...


Learning to Communicate Like a Leader

In this article for Mind Tools, Editor, Sarah Pavey discusses her key take away learning points from Leadership Connections. Photo Credit: Matt Fenlon On one of the last sunny days in October, in the shadow of Brunel’s ss Great Britain, speakers, delegates and Elysian Training team members gathered to take part in the “Leadership Connections” event. I consider myself lucky to have been part of this, as I don’t tend to think of myself as a “leader.” Sure, I manage freelancers and team members, but I don’t presume that I'm someone people want to follow… yet. Over the course of the day, there was one theme that stood out for me: the importance of communication in leadership. Here’s why... Read the full article here >>  


The Power of a Great Leadership Event

This guest post by Irene Becker shares her reflections, features and benefits on the Leadership Connections Event - October 2014. Reflections The audience at Leadership Connections was most committed, enthusiastic leadership audience I have ever addressed. My experience attending and giving a keynote at Leadership Connections UK will remain a career highlight because the commitment to leadership excellence and the participation of the Elysian Training team who planned the event and those attending were memorable. Yes, in a country where reserve and decorum are often seen as part of the cultural fabric, the whole room of leadership delegates were so enthusiastic, so participative that after three hours of conference attendance that they took me aback when doing an exercise I call the Leadership ROAR.


Training Zone October Podcast

The TrainingZone podcast - October 2014 by Trainingzone on Mixcloud In this month's podcast from Training Zone, Jon welcomes Jamie back to the hot seat as they discuss HR Tech Europe, next year's L&D, alignment and leadership no-no's. Elysian Training's Chris Atkinson is this month's guest giving practical tips and insights for Leaders live from 'Leadership Connections' at the ss Great Britain. N.B. Chris' interview starts at 18 minutes.