Developing Organisational Culture

We believe there is no higher priority for an organisation than to create the most effective culture for its employees. Unfortunately the core responsibilities for promoting vision, values, mission or organisation culture seems to fall on marketing or internal communications teams.

This is shocking, and ultimately damaging, cultural commitments become posters or straplines and never part of day to day behaviour.”

The current climate demands more of employees than ever before, organisations are looking to teams to deliver far more than the sum of their individual talents. However as a result of constant change, restructures, mergers, acquisitions or redundancies many teams are left feeling fragmented, uncertain and most certainly not engaged with the cultural aspirations. A strong cultural identity will act as a powerful buffer during these turbulent times, maintaining productivity and morale.

We have a strong track record of long term partnerships to develop organisational culture. We will work with the leaders of your organisation to cascade a set of attitudes, values and behaviours which live in people not in documents and company publicity.

To truly discover the culture of an organisation you need not do anything other than ask a member of staff their understanding of the values and vision.”

This process starts (without exception) with the senior team and is then cascaded steadily down through the organisation moving from attitudinal changes to concrete behavioural standards.

The process often takes 1-2 years before it has a sustaining life of its own.