Business Simulation

A year can be compressed into one or two days. If run with groups, competition among teams spurs engagement, invention and discovery.

The Team Talent Challenge (2 Days)

Working in small teams, learners take the role of a new manager. They struggle with talent issues, make complex decisions about each team member, their inter-personal relationships, aspirations and motivational drivers as they balance the short term with the long term. They analyse, make decisions, regroup then make more decisions. Learners are engaged from start to finish as they discover how their decisions and actions affect both the engagement and performance of their virtual team.

Simulation Features:

  • Experience one year’s worth of decisions in one day of training
  • Software driven and delivered as a face-to face experience
  • Normative data compares your results to those of other participants
  • 4 to 6 participants per team – you can have multiple teams with a facilitator per team
  • Follow up coaching supports the translation and application of learning to the workplace

About The Simulation:

Participants will get up close and personal with the tough decisions of people management. Over three rounds of simulated decision-making they gain empathy for the rigours and subtleties of leading a team. Rapid immersion and involvement enliven otherwise dry theories and concepts – involvement is fast and thorough. Participants take command of their leadership options and can explore all the “what ifs” of their leadership role. When used along with self assessment or 360 instruments, it is one of the most powerful leadership experiences available.

Test your leadership skills with the Team Talent Challenge where leadership behaviours and attitudes will come vividly to life. This simulation provides participants the opportunity to make key people related decisions in a safe environment and see how the consequences of those decisions play out. The Team Talent Challenge teaches practical people leadership skills as well as leadership responsibilities such as engaging the team, developing talent, and becoming a trusted and authentic leader.


Participants Learn How To:

1. Communicate with each team member in a way that resonates with them personally 

2. Allocate tasks and responsibilities that are consistent with the employee’s motives and capabilities

3. Develop the skills and knowledge of each team member using methods that provide opportunities for development and growth towards their potential

4. Provide feedback which objectively evaluates the performance and potential of each team member

5. Provide a level of supervision that is appropriate to the knowledge, capability and experience of the team member

6. Motivate and inspire employees towards achieving the vision and going the extra mile for the team.


Why Do Leading Companies Use Simulations?

Companies are increasingly turning to simulations to help build strategic alignment and execution capability. Within minutes of being placed in a simulation, participants are grappling with issues and decisions that they must make – NOW.

The primary purpose of these simulations is to use the software to translate leadership decisions into tangible figures and measures which can then be analysed in review sessions where feedback is given directly by the facilitator

referencing the figures as well as matters of style. The debrief sessions run in parallel to the action and also during the coaching sessions that follow completion of the event.


Multiple Delivery Options:

  • To a single management group of 6-8 people
  • As a large team event where participants work in groups of 6-8 people
  • 1:1 – With individuals using a skilled facilitator to explore and coach decisions
  • Remotely, using online conferencing technology


Cost: £4990 + VAT 

Price Includes:

»» 2 Training days
»» 1 Facilitator
»» 1 hour individual coaching post event
»» For up to 8 people

The 1:1 and remote options are priced separately.

Download the Team Talent Challenge info