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Engagement Strategy Event 

Despite a huge body of research to the contrary most organisations remain fixated on incentive and punishment as the key methodologies for employee engagement. Many leaders find it hard to imagine an organisational context where money isn’t the driving force behind the motivation of their people.

Whilst money will remain the primary reason why most of us work it isn’t an effective motivator nor is it actually very effective as a means to drive performance. Any engine needs fuel and the ‘fuel’ our people run on has changed, the ‘engine’ of the organisation must now change in response – Transformational Leadership is the answer.

Spend a few hours immersed in an insightful discussion with top engagement expert Chris Atkinson at this small, exclusive, invite only event.

Diagnose your engagement challenges with free advice and come away with your strategy for delivering an engaged workforce.

Explore new ways to:

– Make the business case for engagement and get top level buy in
– Demonstrate how engagement contributes to the bottom line
– Create value with cost free engagement tools
– Improve the culture of your business
– Develop a solid employment proposition and brand


10:00: Part One – Consultancy diagnostic session
12:00: Complimentary lunch
13:00: Part Two – Strategic engagement action planning session
14:00: End – Take away your aligned strategy

Your Expert:

Chris Atkinson is known for his engaging approach along with his wealth of knowledge and international experience. He will be hosting the session, you can read more about him here

Your Venue:

The venue is the DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol City Centre, Redcliffe Way, Bristol, BS1 6NJ. The next date is to be confirmed.

Next Steps:

This is an invite only, complimentary event. Contact Kate to request a place on katetuck @elysiantraining.com or call 0871 951 8285.

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