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This page has been updated to include additional resources from the day.

Find the Leadership Connections pre-event reading here: LC14 Pre-Event Reading

Irene Becker

SLIDES: Leading Through Turbulent Times

Find below some resources Irene thinks you will find useful:

Free eBook: Leading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times-A 3Q Edge™: Leading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times

Possibility Thinking, Doing and Results:(Contains a tableaux of important 3Q competencies)Possibility Thinking, Doing and Results

How to Build 5 Benchmarks of 21stC Leadership and Success:How to Build 5 Benchmarks of 21st Century Leadership

How to Inspire and Enable YOUR Greatest Potential- 12 Powerful Tips: Possibility Thinking, Doing and Results

If you enjoyed those, see more on Irene’s Award Winning Blog!! CLICK HERE

Chris Atkinson

SLIDES: Leading People We Find Challenging

Chris has written a number of articles for industry press on Leadership, you can find his articles in our Learning Hub section HERE

Chris was interviewed on the day for Training Zone where he talked about the event and about the needs of leadership in our current environment, he give his perspectives as well as tips and advice. Listen HERE

Paul Tuck

SLIDES: Executive Insight Talent Development

Learn more about Elysian’s NEW Executive offerings: CLICK HERE

Lee Smith

SLIDES: Inspiring Leadership Communication

Gatehouse run a free portal to access ideas, information, statistics and resources for internal communications. Check out IC World: http://internal-communication.com/

Huw Lewis MBE

SLIDES: The Challenges of Developing Young Leaders

MPCT have some inspirational videos and testimonials from their young people on their YouTube channel, it is heart-warming to watch! CLICK HERE

More info:

Check out books recommended by our people HERE

If you want to revisit the presentations from the day, you can watch all the speakers on our YouTube event playlist

Listen to the October TrainingZone podcast, part of which was recorded on the day here HERE

If you have any questions about the event or would like to contact a speaker, do please get in touch!