Here you will find a selection of videos featuring the Elysian team



Leadership Hacks in Under Two Minutes

A selection of Elysian videos are being featured in the on-line publication, Switched On Leadership Magazine. You can get a 3 Month Free Subscription to the magazine here.


Living Your Values
How we to adjust and align our values with our organisation – can we in fact change our values? What happens when we start wearing a mask? Learn about the link between values and engagement.



What Goes Wrong With Leadership Communication?
So much communication from leaders fails completely to achieve its objective. We explore what causes this failure and how to really engage our people with great communication.



Importance of Vision in Engagement
Why bother with a vision? Sadly most company visions don’t inspire teams, leaders need to do better with vision to really engage their people. Learn why it is so important then transform your leadership by using vision techniques.



Facilitation Skills & Engagement in Meetings
Why preparation might be a terrible idea! We can get more engagement by telling less and asking more. Perhaps its about time you stopped having all the answers?



What is a Coaching Culture?
You know you have a Coaching Culture when people in the organisation are constantly developing each other through the use of coaching techniques – developing themselves and colleagues to excel and achieve far beyond anything they thought possible and ultimately improve individual and organisational performance.



Performance Management
Underperformance of individual team members can have a significant impact on your team’s ability to meet targets. Inappropriate behaviour of one person can demotivate the whole team, impact on your client relationships or even put the organisation’s name into disrepute. This subject is too important to risk getting it wrong!



Setting Performance Measures
Far too often the performance management conversations such as the appraisal become a task that burdens the line manager and bores the direct report. It slips into an exercise in filling in a document once a year rather than a living conversation throughout the day into performance expectations and accountability.



Delegation Done Right

Delegation is one of the most misunderstood management practices. As a result our people no longer feel trusted and respected by delegation, more often they just feel dumped on! How to delegate the right way.


Culture Stories from Zappos and BMW Group
Two short examples of how leading organisations are promoting culture and engagement through practical behaviours.