We offer long term projects, short 1 and 2 day courses, accredited leadership and management programmes as well as a full range of consultancy serves. All at a single price using our unique pricing model.

What will be immediately obvious when you enter an Elysian Training programme is the atmosphere.

We create an informal and open environment where participants understand that they are integral to the training content, taking an active role in making the context of the training real for their unique situations.

You’ll notice that the conversation is not about the training

                          ……it will all be about your business!”

Discussions will focus on how our tools and techniques relate specifically to your industry and organisation.

Finally participants will feel that they are held accountable for applying the learning. This is at the core of our methodology and is a commitment we make with the leadership of your business to ensure that we take responsibility for our training context and will support you to take responsibility for the participants applying what they have learnt.

All of our courses and services are tailored to individual client needs to enable a personalised approach for internal marketing purposes.

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