Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching skills are essential managers because they need to use these skills to help develop each of their team members to achieve maximum performance. This programme is a two day, highly experiential process designed to develop a manager’s ability to get the most from their people by adopting a coaching and empowering style of leadership.

We ensure your leaders understand what coaching is and what it means for the organisation in terms of great results and positive team culture. From there it becomes about keeping people motivated and dedicated to the shift in behaviour, ensuring they understand how it aligns with the vision and values of the organisation. Therefore ensuring they are up to committing to the process, truly committing, and not just paying lip service.


To understand the core principles of coaching in depth
To recognise the benefits of adopting a coaching approach
To develop the critical skills of being an effective coach
To provide practical opportunities to coach and get feedback on individual style


– Reflect and assess personal strengths and areas for improvement against coaching capabilities
– Use the GROW model in depth to structure a coaching conversation
– Use a questioning style to stretch the coachees thinking
– Use the skill/will model to identify an appropriate coaching approach and flex style accordingly
– Explore the relevance to situational leadership
– Understanding what blocks people’s potential
– Driving accountability by replacing ‘tell’ with ‘ask’
– Being an ‘instant coach’
– Practical coaching exercises with feedback


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