Developing a Coaching Culture

You know you have a Coaching Culture when people in the organisation are constantly developing each other through the use of coaching techniques – developing themselves and colleagues to excel and achieve way beyond anything they thought possible and ultimately improve individual and organisational performance.

Our consultants will work alongside you to understand and influence the organisational culture operating in your business. Offering you, amongst other things, and opportunity to better understand the blocks to progress (people and processes) and identify and utilise the energisers (people and processes) within your business that can assist you in achieving your aspirational goal.

Our aim is to create a programme that works in harmony with your strategic and operational objectives. Offering you a practical opportunity to achieve  agreement for cultural change from your leaders and employees. With this in mind, the content and resources  for the Developing a Coaching Culture programme will be created bespoke to your individual business and organisational needs.

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