Customer Service Excellence

This inspirational one or two day Customer Service Excellence workshop is packed full with fresh concepts and strategies that have been proven to deliver a different approach to the traditional subject of customer service.

This process is an altogether deeper understanding of the adage:

“The customer is not an interruption in our work. They are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider in our business. They are part of it.”


We approach the subject not as something that people ‘do’ but actually part of who they ‘are’ and the way they think. In organisations this change needs to occur on a fundamental level, to be a part of the DNA of every person and should not be an attitude limited to external customers either.

The aim of this process is that participants leave with a deep and profound respect for the situation customers are in. They choose to change their behaviour because they believe it is the right thing to do and not because they are following a process or behaviour standards.


» Understand how to positively connect with even the most challenging of customers though focusing on a human connection
» Explore creative questions skills that will help you to uncover your customer’s emotional and tangible needs
» Enhance your listening skills to a level where you are truly focused on the customer and not the expected response
» Position a powerful and tailored service solution that builds trust and gains confidence in your service and commitment
» Understand customer service is a mindset, a way of thinking and seeing the world, and not a process we follow.
» Develop ownership of service and solution failures in order to see instant and remarkable results

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