Understanding Customers & Establishing Needs

Culturally over the last 10 years there has been a significant shift in the attitude and behaviours needed in customer service. Where once sales and selling were a notable and prestigious idea, we now see that people’s reaction to being ‘sold to’ is to resist – even when they are interested in the product or service! The implication is that the field of sales or business development has become one of understanding customer’s needs in detail and providing specific bespoke solutions.

In other words sales people now rely on the key skills of consultancy in order to meet client expectations.


– Understanding that what we sell isn’t what clients buy
– How to uncover and effectively question clients for needs
– Distinguishing your unique selling points to clients
– Building bespoke tailored solutions
– Overcoming objections
– Learn a strategic consultancy track
– Listening for key points of leverage
– How to dig deeper and create a sense of urgency

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