The Secrets of Innovation

Culture is what people are doing when nobody is watching”


Do you need to create an environment or culture that encourages and unleashes creativity, a willingness to contribute and the ability to embrace change. Everyone and particularly management, need to nurture innovative behaviour. Culture is at the heart of creating creativity and innovation and it’s one thing that competitors can’t copy. There also needs to be integrity between what you say and what you do.

Innovation is a mindset: Whether it’s individual, team or organisational, it’s a mindset. Therefore it’s not a specific process or set of rules to follow; it’s a way of thinking.

Key mindset areas:

Attitude: That risk and failure must be tolerated if innovation is to occur

Change: change should be sought out rather than it being resisted or tolerated (Can’t have growth and opportunity without it).

Challenging assumptions: challenge assumptions and shift model and paradigms when need arises

It’s a positive experience: understanding of the passion, joy and humour in the creative process

Tolerance for ambiguity/uncertainty: tolerance for both on the journey is required



– Understand the commercial benefits of creative thought
– Learn about how the brain is organised and the challenges it creates
– Explore the concept of ‘idea fluency’
– Learn the two processes of red and green light thinking
– How to use the 4 problem solving questions
– Using the 6 thinking hats methodology for group meeting effectiveness
– Developing a mindset and culture of openness and creativity