Effective Problem Solving Techniques

In recent years the business world has been rocked by unprecedented challenges across nearly all markets and industries. An IBM study of more than 700 organisations across 61 countries and nearly 600 senior global HR leaders found the future will mean working quite differently – engaging more seamlessly across a wide range of geographic, functional and generational boundaries and borders.

Amid this economic backdrop, the study found three key workforce gaps: Cultivating creative leaders, Mobilising for greater speed and flexibility and Capitalising on collective intelligence. What is immediately clear is the role of problem solving, creative thought and innovation. These tools are not longer ‘nice to haves’, they are an essential business skill.

This programme is heavily customised to your organisational context. It can run as either a 1 or 2 day process. The content and exercises can be built to focus in on real issues and therefore generate tangible actions. We can for example run the entire programme focused on some agreed business/team challenges with the objective of creating a project plan for post-programme activity. Alternatively instead of seeing this as a training process it can be designed as a dynamic team-building event for larger groups.