Engagement Tools for Leaders

Outstanding leaders are focussed on performance but they see people as the means of achieving great performance and themselves as enablers. They don’t seek out the limelight for themselves but challenge, stretch and champion others, giving them the space and support to excel.” People Management Article

During the heavily-publicised economic downturn ‘a controlling, target-driven approach to leadership & management’ became the modus operandi for many UK organisations. Understandably, the subsequent negative impacts included low morale, reduced productivity, additional pressure, increased illness and stress levels. It’s no secret that fearful & unmotivated people produce inferior workplace results. Now is a critical time to get your people re-engaged with organisational objectives, energised, on-track & motivated.


A professionally facilitated, interactive programme designed bespoke for supervisors, managers, and business leaders on how to understand, action, and crucially, make engagement relevant to improving your organisation’s results.

What exactly is ‘engagement’ and where does it show up in your organisation
How engagement and cultural development go hand-in-hand
Getting ‘more with less’
Beat those post recession blues – restoring morale and inspiration
Getting people on board with improved processes
Gaining understanding and buy-in on painful/difficult change processes
Sensitivity and compassion
No involvement, no engagement – how to get people on board from the beginning
Turning managers into coaches/mentoring skills for business leaders

A three-day process spaced either back-to-back or weekly; inclusive of pre-course learning needs analysis and free e-learning for all participants.