Managing Change


The current climate demands more of employees than ever before. However as a result of constant change, restructures, mergers, acquisitions or redundancies many teams are left feeling fragmented, uncertain and most certainly not performing as a single business function. Understandably, the subsequent negative impacts included low morale, reduced productivity, additional pressure, increased illness and stress levels. It’s no secret that fearful & unmotivated people produce inferior workplace results.

Now is a critical time to focus on this issue of change. Through better understanding and new approaches you will be able to get your people re-engaged with organisational objectives, energised, focused and motivated.”

Programme Objectives

» Explore the commercial reality and drivers of change

» Discover the two forces affecting reactions to change

» Demystify the complex psychological experience of change

» Simplify the change management process making it easy to understand and engage with

» Learn how to create engagement by understanding what people need during times of change