How to Conquer Stress & Pressure

Workplace stress is a recognised and medically diagnosable condition that, without proper measures can significantly negatively impact individuals and, ultimately, your business objectives. Failing to equip your line managers, at all levels, with the truth, knowledge and skills to support employees could lead your organisation into experiencing decreased productivity, disengaged employees, increased absenteeism, increased staff costs and potential for litigation.

This programme is aimed at leaders, managers and employees and can either work in harmony with your existing policies and procedures, raising awareness of existing support across your business. Or, work in collaboration with your occupational health and human resources teams to develop new or enhanced policies that are supported by workshops and resources that:

  • help their people understand the contributing factors of work stress
  • discuss the perceptions and beliefs surrounding work place stress
  • understand the difference between stress and pressure
  • identify signs of stress in themselves and others
  • explore and utilise appropriate coping strategies
  • understand how to link need with existing organisational support
  • understand the line managers role in work place stress

With years of experience in personal development and well being our consultants are qualified to support you and work with your team to ensure that the programme presented meets your individual and organisational needs.

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