Powerful Negotiation Techniques


This programme is a practical exploration of the reality and, more importantly, myths of negotiation. Participants learn straightforward negotiation techniques and behaviours that work to leverage results for both parties. The process has opportunities to reflect on personal styles, personality types and plenty of activities to illustrate the learning points.

We actively discourage the use of tactics or games during negotiation and will work to dispel the idea of needing to ‘win’ a negotiation situation. It is important participants realise they are negotiating in most situations most days of their lives!



Understand what negotiating is and what it isn’t

Explore what negotiation style you have

Practice the skills of collaborative negotiators

Learn where to negotiate and when it will have the desired effect

Understand the role of personality in negotiations

Negotiating on value not price

Understand the difference between agreement and alignment

How to use ‘chunking’ to move beyond disagreement



Participants will learn the practical techniques and tools to negotiate without getting stuck on price. They will be able to understand their natural style of negotiating and work towards a more collaborative approach. They will also appreciate the practical everyday nature of negotiation skills as something that isn’t just for ‘boardroom’ conversations.