The Telephone as a Business Development Tool


This revolutionary course has been proven by clients to increase the sales performance of new, experienced and top performing telesales professionals



Take your sales skills to greater levels by focusing on new and advanced customer focused telephone sales techniques

Develop a strategic and proactive approach to the use of telephone and social media

Build stronger, more valuable relationships with your customers while minimising time-consuming face to face meetings

Recognise how to maximise sales opportunities by developing a personal marketing and ‘cold-calling’ plan



» Understand the behaviours of top performing telesales professionals

» Explore advance questioning skills that will help you make genuine connections and present a product that is stronger than your competitors

» Advanced listening skills that show you care about customer’s needs

» Demonstrate empathy by seeking what makes our customers tick

» Recognise and respond to different customer behaviour types

» Try out new tools and techniques that will help you to maximise your sales revenue, helping you to cross sell extra products or services

» Practice new objection handling skills that have been tried and tested with the toughest of challenges

» Develop a sales process that helps the customer to say yes before you have even asked for the business

» Explore advanced rapport building techniques