“Inside Inspiration” – How to Inspire Others

After many years of hearing people on our programmes say they’d like to be more inspirational or more charismatic we realised this is an area that is never really tackled within organisations. There are no programmes, very few books and mostly it’s been assumed you either ‘got it, or you ain’t’. This simply isn’t true. Inspiration is a function of authenticity, how genuine we are when we speak, how much comes from the heart. For that reason it is absolutely a skill that can be learnt but it requires a safe environment, honest feedback and someone to challenge.

Elysian Training is proud to be the first to offer the skills and techniques to become a more inspirational communicator. Participants will learn key techniques and strategies to speak with more emotion, they will also have many opportunities to practice during the programme where we have a supportive audience to gauge the effectiveness of their communication.

Who’s It For?

This programme is for anyone who wants to motivate and inspire others through their communication. It is suitable for all levels of personnel and does not require any specific experiences in order to participate fully.

Course Objectives

» Understand the link between inspiration and charisma
» Speaking from the heart using emotion
» Tapping into inspiration as a means of communication
» Learn four methods to inspire others
» Using pictures and imagery to motivate ourselves or others
» Using vision to create desire
» Applying all the above as a means of radical new leadership