The Course Clinic

Radical Redesign of Your In-House programmes. A unique solution to refreshing, developing and delivering motivational, in house training.

Unlike any other offering in the marketplace we bring our expertise to work with you in designing, or redeveloping, your internal programmes. The Course Clinic will help create best practice, audience engagement and high energy sessions.”


With increasing pressure on budgets and the ongoing drives to reduce costs, many organisations have recognised the value of bringing training ‘in-house’. Training or Human Resource departments are able to talk in the language and context that reflects the uniqueness of organisation. It is an important and valuable way of both reducing costs and delivering tailored employee development.

The challenge that many in-house training teams face is that the programmes they have to deliver are often challenging content to make motivational and inspirational. How many health and safety programmes have been described by your people as outstanding, or motivational? How about induction programmes, time management or manual handling?


Any internal training courses that are tired, old/inherited, unenthusiastically received or not delivering measurable behavioural change in participants.

Day 1: Design and Development
Consider learning objectives and outcomes
Look at the training materials, course books and slideshow
Review the training guide and structure of the programme
Update and redesign critical components

Day 2: Live Programme and Coaching
Delivery of the programme to a ‘lab group’ of real participants
Coaching throughout the programme of the trainer
Review and check of programme timings (theory against reality)
Total programme review and final update to include learning


Motivational, fun, energised programmes that deliver results because participants engage with the content!