Train The Trainer – “Corporate Energy”

You will leave invigorated, impatient to get back to work to try it out, and most of all learn to entertain an audience whilst they participate at a whole new level!”


Culturally, business in the UK has become dominated with e-mail, meetings, content driven training sessions and PowerPoint presentations. The impact of these changes has served to ‘suck’ energy from our people, break down relationships and destroy productivity from these events. Time is our most valuable resource in work yet meetings are dull, our people have little energy, and training sessions often feel laborious.

The Process

Suitable for meeting facilitators, business leaders and trainers, Corporate Energy is an active and highly challenging programme. All participants are required to develop their own material in the sessions and are then individually coached whilst delivering and presenting subsequently.


» Learn innovative ways to introduce and discuss content with groups

» Understand room layout options and the impact of each

» How to design slides and work alongside PowerPoint

» Storytelling and anecdotes as business tools

» Handling question and answer periods


Creating Engagement

How room layout affects participation

Learn techniques to encourage group participation

Creating context by working with audience input

Moving accountability from presenter to the audience

Making sure PowerPoint doesn’t do the presenting


Using exhibits and props to make sessions lively

Tricks and magic effects as analogies for business

Balancing entertainment with content

Understand how to use showmanship in business

Techniques to energise audiences


How to create business context and need through personal experiences

How to pitch an appropriate anecdote

Using words and animation to energise content

Telling jokes that don’t ‘flop’

Energy Vs Negativity

Using our personal enthusiasm to overcome disruptions & project a powerful positive message

Staying in control of question & answer periods

Techniques to answer challenging questions

Handling negative input and disruptive people