Running Effective Briefings

This workshop is aimed at all staff called upon to run briefings.

Briefings are defined as:

      Short – typically up to 10 minutes

      Informal e.g. around a desk, in a meeting or informal room

      Small audiences e.g. 5-10  people

This one day workshop is intended to give participants both knowledge and skills in giving briefings.  It focuses on the knowledge required to plan and prepare and the skills required in delivery.  During the course of the day participants give four briefings as skills practice in order to build confidence and improve practical competence.

 The aim of this workshop is to give an understanding of the planning and preparation required to do a briefing and the skills to present it.


» Understand the key points to take into account when planning and preparing for a briefing

» Understand the ways in which a briefing can be structured

» Understand why different groups (audiences) may need different briefing techniques

» Understand the key things to take into consideration when presenting the briefing

» Know how to plan for and handle question and answer sessions

» To have developed knowledge and improved competence through delivery of one briefing with feedback and giving feedback to a number of other workshop participants