Goal Setting and Planning

The easiest way to document progress and performance of an individual or business is to have clear goals and plans that can be measured against. Call them KPI’s (key performance indicators), business plans, strategic direction or PDP’s (personal development plans) they all have something in common and thats the need to set aside time for reflection, acknowledging current position, defining aspiration and, above all, committing to action.

This facilitated session offers leaders and managers, of all levels, an opportunity to step away from the computer and practically discuss, reflect and define their business / team / individual goals.

Areas of focus include:

  • Reflection of learning gained from past activity
  • Understanding the current business environment & culture
  • Defining the aspirational vision
  • Identifying and acknowledging the areas of need
  • Defining required action and practical goals

Our consultants will work alongside your teams to define a clear set of goals and action plans that can be implemented in their business/ team. Our role in this session is to ensure participants are challenged, that assumptions are explored, culture is understood and aspirations are defined.

This could be one of the most productive conversations your team has all year!

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