Overcome Conflict

The impact of conflict in the workplace can be devastating - to the parties involved, to colleagues and teams, to clients, and to the business as a whole. The techniques to manage it correctly are essential.

This workshop develops, enhances and improves the conflict handling skills of all who attend. The aim of the workshop is to increase the team members feeling of safety and control when faced with aggression and difficult behaviour. We explore effective, practical ways to overcome conflict using trusted conflict handling and collaboration skills and techniques. These techniques will increase confidence levels and conflict handling abilities.

The main focus of the workshop is to ensure that all who attend have the confidence and the ability to manage and diffuse conflict when it occurs. Every skill and concept explored will be brought to life through discussion so delegates can clearly relate to how their learning is relevant to them.


Understand what conflict is and what causes it to happen
Understand 5 different conflict handling techniques
Learn how to diffuse conflict with language
Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with others in times of tension
Influence other peoples behaviour by acting as a role model and ambassador for assertive communication
Manage their own behaviour in times of stress and pressure
Recognise and work with different personality types
Understand the butterfly effect of their own behaviour
Communicate in a style that increases credibility
Effectively plan their communication

The programme covers subjects such as defining business and personal conflict boundaries, understanding what conflict is and how it starts, recognising the signs of conflict early, how personal behaviour can be a conflict catalyst, questioning and listening techniques, how not to disagree and dealing with aggressive and abusive behaviour.

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