Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching is a process centred around performance improvement. It offers tailored personalised support to managers to help them increase both their focus and their level of personal performance. A coaching culture within an organisation is a culture where not only formal coaching occurs but also where most people use coaching behaviours as a means of managing, influencing and communicating with each other. There are high expectations of managers to succeed in their leadership roles, especially in managing fast-changing agendas and in increasingly challenging markets. Many organisations now want to offer formal coaching for individuals to assist them.

A CIPD survey revealed that external coaches are preferable:

For providing sensitive feedback to senior leaders which for political reasons can be difficult for an internal coach
For bringing specialised expertise from a wide variety of organisational and industry situations
When individuals are concerned about ‘conflict of interests’ and whether confidentiality will be observed
For providing a wider range of ideas and experience
For being less likely to judge and being perceived as more objective


We work hard to match the coachee with the best possible coach from our team. Ultimately finding a coach is a unique and subjective experience. We have an outstanding team of individuals and a range of ages, backgrounds and personality types.

Coaching objectives are driven by the business needs, the individual’s personal development plan (PDP) and an optional 360 degree assessment. The coach and coachee will create a coaching plan for the period as a backbone to the process.

Personal coaching plans should demonstrate:

  1. Conduct in line with the organisation’s values and ethical code at all times
  2. Support in the organisation’s strategy and that of the senior management team
  3. Support to colleagues and team members as required
  4. A tangible outcome that has significant value as a focus for the process


We recognise two forces are in tension in scheduling coaching, the first is the importance of face to face contact between coach and coachee but the second is the need for efficiency and time saving. Our solution is a package which creates a coaching contract of 5-6 months and covers both of these needs.

The way we achieve this is by scheduling a face to face 1:1 session of 90 minutes at the start and end of the coaching period and then holding 1 hour coaching session monthly via telephone or video conference. This creates a personal relationship at the start and ensures a positive conclusion to the relationship at the end. In between the coaching reviews essentially act as accountability check and an opportunity to seek feedback, support, clarity and focus.

All our coaches have different types of coaching accreditation and different personalities. We would send individual profiles of each coach detailing these, their experience and their character so that we find the perfect match.

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