Persuasion and Influencing Skills

This powerful and insightful workshop is guaranteed to add value to the anyone who is looking to positively influence others. The course will develop, enhance and improve the persuasion and influencing skills of all who attend. The workshop explores effective and inspirational communication, influencing and persuading skills and techniques that will empower you to influence, team members, suppliers, colleagues and internal customers with integrity.

The main focus of the workshop is to ensure that participants have the confidence and the ability to influence others using credible and assertive communication strategies. Every skill and concept explored will be brought to life so participants can clearly relate to their working environment and situation.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

– Understand what influencing is and how it looks, sounds and feels in practise
– Understand the difference between assertive, passive, aggressive and passive aggressive behaviour
– Demonstrate influential, language, voice and body language skills
– Understand the difference between persuading and influencing
– Demonstrate the three key values that determine their ability to influence others
Influence other peoples behaviour by acting as a role model and ambassador for positive communication
– Understand and overcome any individual barriers to communication
– Recognise your own preferred communication style and how to adapt to suit different environments and other people
– Recognise and work with different conflict handling techniques.
– Manage your own behaviour in order to influence others 
– Use your influencing styles to win favourable results
– Communicate in meetings in a style that adds credibility to your organisation
– Effectively plan your communication


– Generating rapport and building relationships to increase influencing power
– The difference between persuading and influencing
– Influential voice and language skills
– Influential body language
– The 4 communication styles
– Understanding other peoples communication styles
– Managing your behaviour to influence a positive outcome
– Managing other peoples behaviour to influence a positive outcome
– Understanding the influencing approaches
– Using different influencing approaches
– Understanding your preferred influencing approach and how to adapt
– Persuasive communication through questioning and listening
– The influencing power levers
– Influencing in meetings

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