Projecting a Professional Charismatic Image

In today’s media centric environment it has become more and more important for leaders to be seen by their people as charismatic figure heads of the business and role models who exhibit values and beliefs we can follow. How you present yourself and establish your personal brand within your business will have a direct impact on the way you are perceived by colleagues, stakeholders and influential leaders.

This programme is designed, not only to understand and enhance the personal brand perception of senior executive leaders, but also to offer upcoming talent and future leaders an opportunity to focus on their own self brand, understand the social nuances and professional skill needed to portray themselves as a strong charismatic role model of the future.

This programme offers businesses the chance to develop and strengthen groups or offer specific expert support to individuals who need to stand out in the organisation. With this in mind our team will work with you to design a programme that meets your specific needs and aims to positively enhance your people.


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