Action Learning Sets

A big trend in industry which offers the potential of clear visibility of application. It couldn't be simpler to get tangible results. You pick the subject we run the sessions!

Also known as ‘Group Coaching’, action learning sets are groups of between four to eight team members who support each other’s learning on work related topics and challenges”


Objectives of Action Learning

» Spread best practice

» Develop a culture of team bonding and self-directed learning

» Allow time for reflection free from ‘time-pressures’

» Allow time for knowledge sharing and skill practice sessions

» Revisit past experiences and learn from successes and feedback on weaknesses

» Develop a commitment to experimenting with new ideas


How does it work?

The work groups meet for sessions of two or three hours every four weeks.

The sessions are led by a group facilitator or a subject matter expert. The learning responsibility for the chosen topic lies with the learners.

The facilitators’ responsibilities are to ask enquiring questions to understand the current situation, challenge the way things are right now, ask focused questions to agree ways forward and set new goals and act as a mentor or guide when expert knowledge is needed. The facilitator might also run practice sessions and demonstrations when appropriate to the sessions.


Our Approach

We have 6 different action learning methodologies which can apply according to the need and personalities of the group. These methodologies are based on well known groupwork principles such as Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats or Root Cause Analysis.