Cross Functional Working

When departments or groups do not want to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the same company a silo mentality reduces efficiency and can be a contributing factor to a failing corporate culture.

The Context:

Too many organisations and teams are plagued by interdepartmental challenges and tensions. These are clearly seen though breakdown in communication, lack of supportive behaviour, blame and budgetary competition. Not only does this situation erode away your culture and reduce employee engagement but significantly, it has a direct impact on performance.

The perceived boundaries and tensions between departments are more often than not exactly that, ‘PERCEIVED’.

By getting cross functional groups together to talk openly and discuss their needs and perspectives we have found that situations that have existed for years can be changed within a day!

Many frustrations that teams feel come as a result of the behaviours of people in other departments and teams. Behaviours by others that are disruptive, delaying or adding complexity are taken to be deliberate and become a point of tension rather than the simple truth which is that this is the result of a lack of understanding. This includes in addition the behaviours of bosses!


The Solution:

Teams need to do one simple thing (which rarely ever happens) and that is to sit in a room and allow people to discuss what happens to make life harder and what they need. This is in no way about blame since we all want to better support each other and work effectively, it is simply about opening a dialogue that rarely (if ever) happens.

We professionally and skilfully facilitate these events to allow all participants to speak openly and honestly. Often we hear things that have never been said out aloud before and this new openness and honestly quickly transforms the interdepartmental dynamics. The key is to involve the most critical teams that have to interact smoothly. You will have to choose who needs to be involved in order to gain most value from the conversation.


The Programme:

This one day programme for up to 40 people is unlike anything your business has done before. It is not a ‘team build’ day with silliness and games; it is a powerful, open and direct conversation with your team members. The day will motivate, challenge and inspire them to redefine historical assumptions as well as drive them towards making change happen.

With smaller groups of 5-10 people it runs as an intimate and deeply truthful examination of the beliefs, behaviours and assumptions guiding the operations of leaders within your organisation.

With groups of 20 or more people it runs as a lively and engaging event debating the key issues that concern people in each department as well as exposing where the significant knowledge gaps lie in terms of departmental functioning and expectations.


Participants Will Find Answers To:

» What is the potential of the organisation? What excites you about the future?
» What do we need from our colleagues? What makes life harder? What assumptions do people make?
» What does the entire ‘business flow’ look like? Who links with who? How does each component interact?
» What ideas do you have to make life better? More effective? More enjoyable?


Six Outcomes You Will Get:

1. Employee led vision ideas for the future of the organisation
2. Greater understanding of each other’s functional roles across the organisation
3. Data capture of department or role based needs, challenges and assumptions
4. Creative representations of the connections, stakeholders and interactions that form your organisation
5. 4-6 initial stage project plans that aim to enhance operations/engagement/process etc.
6. List of potential project team members and their proposed contributions to each project