Strategy Events – Vision, Analysis, Strategy

The formulation of corporate and team strategy is a subject which often gets done behind closed doors and ends up being nothing more than a mass of measures or targets”

A&SP Strategy_1Above: Output of a recent strategy facilitation

Surely it is obvious that employee engagement and understanding of the strategy is by far the most important success factor of any plan? Yet too often this simple truth is lost and strategy creation is a bland and unimaginative process which leave employees cold.

Many definitions and concepts of strategy are interpreted in different ways, and individual circumstances change how a specific strategy should be developed and implemented, depending on the circumstances of the organisation in question.The risk of not changing and improving can be as significant as the wider financial and commercial risks your organisation faces – your competition is almost certainly changing and moving ahead, and you are likely to be left behind in terms of efficiency, reputation, cultural and financial success if you do not learn lessons and engage your people in the strategy.


Corporate/Team strategy needs to be based on knowing three critical things:

» Where your organisation is today

» Where you want it to be

» How you want to get there


What We Do

We have a powerful one day workshop which is highly participative and engaging for all participants. It ensures everyone has a voice and that you have clean, open alignment between all the team involved.

This workshop can then be cascaded to departments and teams to take ownership of their contribution to the wider strategy.