Teambuilding Events

Away days are always a good idea and easily made fun for participants but how often do they actually deliver tangible changes back in the workplace?

The challenge of business leadership is now much more than setting direction and targets. Leadership is responsible for the culture, climate and spirit of an organisation. How often do we hear about winning the “hearts and minds” of our people? How often do you say to yourself we could bring this project in on time if everyone pulled together?

The most successful organisations, projects and teams are those who have a vigorous and compelling team spirit. As the result of mergers, acquisitions or rapid growth together with the competitive pace of change that has affected most industries, many organisations have been left wanting to recapture or reclaim the spirit that created them and out of which their success was born.

Why Choose Us?

Firstly we have a truly different offering from the other teambuilding companies you will come across as we are business focussed and outcome driven, see the section on methodology. Secondly our unique pricing structure means you are absolutely in control of the cost of the event as we offer complete transparency in this area.

We focus on creating bespoke motivational high energy teambuilding events and away days. Our philosophy remains exactly the same as with the training side of the business:

To create application focussed, business relevant activities and events that deliver tangible results in behaviours back in the workplace.

Away days are always a good idea and easily made fun for participants but how often do they actually deliver tangible changes back in the workplace? Whether it is teambuilding, a leadership team away day, building a business plan or bringing together disparate parts of an organisation, our expertise is to create a powerful context for the activities and facilitative structure for the whole event.

Your investment in time is too significant to not consider this.

We have a team of experienced facilitators and a wide range of options to build the right day with the right mix of fun, energy and purpose.

Common Themes

Businesses are built on effective communication. These activities here are designed to test and challenge the levels and openness of communication between participants. Particularly effective for leaders, managers and between departments events – tasks can be business focussed concerning real issues or game and scenario centred.

Suitable for any level within organisations problem solving can cover taking responsibility for fixing the simplest issues to how to solve complex technical challenges. Ultimately this represents a mindset shift and providing a toolbox of tools and techniques to be more effective.

Described as the little recognised secret of success, motivation has become a key development area for businesses today. Creating a positive work environment and enthusiastic people is the overall objective of these activities. These tend to be more lively, more fun and designed to encourage people to let go of inhibitions and connect with what they enjoy in life!

The obvious outcome of any away day, events or activity day is to develop more effective teams. Any of the options above and indeed any of the training events we provide will increase teamworking within your business.

The key focus through the ‘events’ side of our business is to provide challenging task and activity that expose difficulties and cause a change in behaviour from participants. Long standing cultural divides will be challenged and new working practices and relationships can be formed.