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Transformational Leadership – Moving Beyond Money


September saw the 23rd annual World of Learning Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham, UK. Elysian’s own Chris Atkinson spoke here with passion, delivering a talk on his favourite topic, motivating people – beyond money. In case you didn’t have to opportunity to make it to World of Learning, we filmed the talk for you to watch.

See the talk highlights:

Transformational Leadership – Moving Beyond Money

Despite a huge body of research to the contrary most organisations remain fixated on incentive and punishment as the key methodologies for employee engagement. Many leaders find it hard to imagine an organisational context where money isn’t the driving force behind the motivation of their people. Whilst money will remain the primary reason why most of us work it isn’t an effective motivator nor is it actually very effective as a means to drive performance. Any engine needs fuel and the ‘fuel’ our people run on has changed, the ‘engine’ of the organisation must now change in response – Transformational Leadership is the answer (move from ‘have to’ to ‘want to’).

Key learning points:

  1. Learn the process and philosophy of transformational leadership
  2. Discover the levers that drive performance beyond money
  3. Understand the limitations of reward and punishment methodologies

Watch it here:


If you would prefer to download the talk to listen to it on the go, find it on Sound Cloud here


Are you interested in finding out more about Chris as a speaker? click here



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